UK version of Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy launched

23rd January 2023


A recent collaboration between the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), BASES and the Active Pregnancy Foundation has led to the creation of a UK version of CSEP's Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy.

The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy is designed to identify the small number of individuals who should seek medical advice as a first step to becoming or continuing to be physically active during pregnancy, and to help the majority of healthy pregnant individuals overcome any concerns they might have with getting or staying active.

In this case, work was required to align the tool with the UK’s national physical activity guidelines. This project will help to support pregnant women in the UK who would like to start becoming or remain active.

The collaboration is a great example of how organisations can work together to promote maternal physical activity, and evidence-informed exercise physiology in general, within an international context. The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy has already been endorsed by the American College of Sport Medicine, the International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity and ParticipACTION.

"BASES values its collaborative work with CSEP and the Active Pregnancy Foundation, and this project has shown wonderfully the benefit of bringing such experts together. We, as a collective, recognize the need for qualified exercise professionals to support an active pregnancy and to guide interventions across the childbearing years. Through the project, the alignment to the national physical activity guidelines offers important and consistent messages across organisations to guide practice. BASES is proud to be part of this initiative and we are committed to working together in the future with all those involved within the broader agenda of supporting women’s health and wellbeing."

Prof Zoe Knowles FBASES, Chair of BASES

"Is it safe for me? Will it harm my baby? These are questions often asked by women when becoming pregnant. And whilst research has shown that the benefits of being active during pregnancy far outweighs the potential risks, some women might need to consult with a healthcare professional before taking part, and in some cases, will benefit from additional monitoring, support and guidance from a qualified exercise professional. The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy removes the uncertainty around these decisions and empowers women to take ownership of their own health and wellbeing.

It has been an honour working with Dr Davenport and the CSEP team on behalf of BASES and the Active Pregnancy Foundation to align this screening tool to the United Kingdom’s physical activity guidelines. This collective effort not only recognises the importance of continued engagement in physical activity during the childbearing years but also acknowledges the role of healthcare and qualified exercise professionals in facilitating an active pregnancy."

Dr Marlize De Vivo, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, The Active Pregnancy Foundation

"CSEP is very pleased to support and lead the creation of tools aligned to evidence-informed clinical practice in exercise science. The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy and the newly created adaptation for the United Kingdom were designed to support women’s health by identifying individuals who may not benefit from prenatal exercise, while reducing the barriers to physical activity for the majority of pregnant individuals. This project has been a terrific example of international collaboration between experts in Canada and the UK and continues to highlight the value created through meaningful partnerships between CSEP and BASES, further advancing CSEP’s vision to optimize the health of all Canadians through the science of exercise."

Zach Weston, CSEP CEO

"Physical activity is safe and beneficial for the vast majority of pregnant individuals, but there are some cases where the individual should consult with their health care provider first. The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy is designed to be self-administered and provides clear advice to individuals to confirm whether it is safe for them to begin or continue to exercise after becoming pregnant. This questionnaire was developed following the latest evidence-based guidance, and empowers pregnant individuals to safely and confidently engage in physical activity. It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with Dr Marlize De Vivo, the Active Pregnancy Foundation, BASES, and CSEP to adapt the Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy to align with UK Physical Activity Guidelines."

Margie Davenport, PhD, Chair of the CSEP Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy Working Group


BASES stands for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK.

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